Why online payments are safe & secure

When you connect to a website using SSL (such as our billing system,) your computer creates a direct, encrypted connection to the remote server as shown in the diagram below. That means nobody in between you and the remote server can see your credit card details (even us!)


We've taken extra steps to ensure security & safety by getting an Extended Validation SSL Certificate for the billing site. When you visit the billing site, you'll see our company name in green next to the lock as shown below; it will look a little different depending on which web browser you use. As long as you see our company name in green, you can be 100% sure you are connected to our server and not an imposter. This means another outside company has verified the following of us:

  • Establishing the legal, physical and operational existence of the entity
  • Verifying that the entity's identity matches official records like incorporation and business licensing information
  • Confirming that the entity owns or has exclusive rights to use the domain mentioned in the application for certification
  • Confirming that the request for an EV certificate has been authorized by the entity


When you enter your credit card information in our billing site, your information is transmitted securely directly to our payment processor. The payment processor then returns a token (a string of random letters & numbers) to the billing system, which it then uses to charge your card. That means even our billing system itself has zero access to your full card details.

Checks are inherently insecure, slow, and time consuming.